Certified medical device for minimally invasive aesthetic surgery

The breakthrough of Plasma in Aesthetic Medicine.

Certified medical devices for minimally invasive aesthetic surgery

The breakthrough of Plasma in Aesthetic Medicine.

Developed by GMV

Advanced Technology for Aesthetics

GMV, the manufacturers of Plexr, coined the term “Soft Surgery” to describe their device because it delivers surgical results, but with no scalpel, wounds or stitches, no bandages and minimal downtime. It implies minimally invasive procedures, with lower risk and at a more affordable price.

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Dermatology | Plexr Plus

Multiple Indications

Plexr® can treat a vast number of indications and it’s probably the most versatile tool in aesthetic dermatology today. It has a long list of uses, ranging from dermatological, to dental, to ophthalmological.

Dermatological uses:
Active acne
Acne scars
Tattoo removal
Dental Uses:
Epulis Removal
Benign lesions in oral cavity
Opthalmological Uses:
Non-surgical Blepharoplasty
Cystic lesions
Correction of old surgical blepharoplasty
Palpebral ptosis

About GMV

GMV is a company based in Rome, in which the most advanced technologies are made following the rules of Made in Italy and in compliance with European standards in terms of safety, quality and reliability. The ISO 9001: 2008 and EN ISO 13485: 2012 certifications for quality management are a confirmation of the professionalism of our company.

Our devices, certified according to the Directive 93/42 / EEC for medical devices, are made entirely in our company, from the idea and the prototype, up to production and sales.

In our Research and Development department, a group of engineers works constantly and passionately on the development of unique, high-quality and cutting-edge technologies.

Distribution of GMV medical devices

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